Serving as a resource for business leaders to bring
meaning and fresh perspective to both work and life.

Upcoming Events

May 19-20  

Oakmont & Laurel Valley Golf Courses ~ PA
Hosts: Jim Bly, Juergen Mross & Philip Spina

July TBD

USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier Embark ~ Norfolk, VA
Hosts: Secretary John Dalton and Fred Harburg

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PATHNORTH draws its clients from CEOs and principal owners of middle-market companies and those in comparable leadership positions. PATHNORTH participants are attempting to be deeper, better business leaders. They are uncommon individuals seeking balance among self, family, business and community obligations. PATHNORTH celebrates and encourages character in leaders, values in business and responsibility to the broader community.

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H. Wayne Huizenga, Jr.
Huizenga Holdings, Inc.

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Serving as a resource for business leaders to bring meaning
and fresh perspective to both work and life.

This mission will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • By providing a ‘safe place’ for like-minded business leaders to gather and candidly share their challenges and personal stories;
  • By exposing PathNorth participants to the holistic thinking of accomplished leaders of national and regional prominence;
  • By highlighting business practices which integrate meaning with accomplishment;
  • By helping leaders to understand our complex world and to make a difference in their companies, communities and beyond.

To learn more about upcoming meetings, contact PathNorth at 202-467-2079 or look for future updates on our web site.

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