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PathNorth Purpose

PATHNORTH fosters conversations of enduring significance for principal business founders, owners, and chief executive officers to help them broaden their definition of success, live more integrated lives, and experience greater effectiveness in business and personal endeavors.

Why PathNorth?

Most executives have extensive experience in traditional aspects of business management, but frequently have less experience in dealing with a relentless array of societal and personal expectations. The public glare of highly visible, ethical and personal leadership failures, has thrust executives into an increasingly cynical, unforgiving climate with little margin for error. Today's CEO is not only expected to define and carry out strategies to achieve excellent financial results, but also to be an exemplary citizen, a personal role model, and an extraordinary civic leader. In record numbers, senior leaders are opting out - leaving their businesses, communities, and society with a significant leadership deficit.

PATHNORTH was founded in response to this demanding environment and offers unique gatherings to help leaders identify practical approaches to meet these important responsibilities. Our goal is to encourage senior executives to acquire skills needed to meet this challenge with distinction and to pass their knowledge and experience on to others.

What Can I Expect at a PathNorth Event?

A number of important themes run through PATHNORTH programs and activities. Three are particularly central. Life is best lived and understood holistically where all aspects of our existence weave together in an integrated fashion and contribute to our overall sense of well being and purpose. Second, healthy relationships make professional and personal life truly rich and satisfying. Things, while valuable and useful, can never be an adequate substitute for the meaning we find in our interaction with others. Lastly, PATHNORTH sees personal stories as the central means to inspire and instruct. Too often "personal success" literature conveys an overly simplistic and formulaic approach not anchored in the hard lessons learned through the crucible of experience.

At PATHNORTH events you will experience the confluence of these themes interwoven in meetings thoughtfully crafted to provide you with sustaining connection to integrating ideas, extraordinary people, and authentically inspiring stories, all of which contribute to shaping better and deeper leaders, companies, and communities. Because we see the personal stories and journeys of our participants as the most efficient and powerful path to change and hope, you will be exposed to an intimate view of exceptional individuals whose stories provide insight and perspective on your own unique journey and set a tone of openness and self-reflection necessary for change. Through lessons, born of success and failure, we all learn and are liberated to consider fresh approaches to our own lives and how we might better use them to make a positive difference in the broader world.

You will find distinguished peers in our meetings who share your respect for the high calling of work and your interest in the exploration and exchange of significant ideas and insights. While classes and courses have an important role to play, we note that leaders in all sectors of public and private enterprise have an even deeper thirst to engage in productive conversations and guided reflection regarding questions of deep meaning, personal purpose, and holistic life direction. When these conversations are stimulated and informed by insightful stories and are managed with excellence, leaders find them to be of singular value. It is to this end that PATHNORTH is dedicated.

Compiled by PathNorth facilitator, Fred Harburg

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