PathNorth Benefits

Joining the PathNorth circle brings real value to its participants. The obvious benefit is a direct connection to extraordinary people and their stories, best practices and powerful ideas. All of which contribute to shaping better deeper leaders and companies. To accomplish this, PathNorth offers the following:

Annual gatherings in New York and Washington
These two-day gatherings enable participants to learn from the unique stories of accomplished leaders. A highlight is peer interactions learning from the experiences of one another. Everything about these occasions speaks to the excellence we hope will infuse all aspects of PathNorth activities.
PathNorth Experiences
PathNorth Leadership Council members are given priority for amazing events that offer the opportunity to change lives and thinking. These gatherings challenge participants to think differently about themselves and the world. Examples: Learning from History & Greatness: London, England, On stage at the Kennedy Center at the Washington Opera, Oregon Wine Crush Experience, Silent Monastic Retreat in Virginia, Embark with Sec. Dalton on a Navy Aircraft Carrier, Creativity Weekend, etc.
Regional Dinners
Regular dinner sessions in various cities with presenters speaking to relevant topics for leaders.. This provides members with access to PathNorth events around the country and the chance to expose their colleagues to the PathNorth conversation.
Website access through voluntary member profiles
Members can connect with peers facing many of the issues confronting their own lives, companies and communities. The website hosts libraries of articles, musings and reading recommendations to both challenge and inspire members.
Quarterly Conference Calls
These quarterly calls offer members incredible opportunities to connect to other members. Themes range from the world economy to conversations about parenting.
Founding & Leadership Council Special Invitation Experiences
Invitation to join a founding member in a place special to them. Examples: The Huizengas host a PN group at their private golf club, the Floridian; Steve Case hosts at his world renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona. All experiences are centered around conversations of consequence in special and unique places.
PN Briefs
Distributed several times monthly, these briefs and videos, speak to issues of health, meaning, legacy and other vital subjects important to members.
Monthly Musings
Insightful emails generated from the mind and heart of our founder.
PathNorth Monographs
Published ideas from the thinking and experience of such PN members as: Steve Reinemund, former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo; Steve Case, CEO, Revolution; Tim & Jim Seneff, CNL Financial; and others.
Regular distribution of commendable books, monographs and other literature

Founding Membership
Tax Deductible Contribution: $25,000/year*

  • Includes all LC benefits plus private Founding Member Opportunities

Leadership Council
Tax Deductible Contribution: $12,500/year*

  • Individuals who share in PathNorth’s vision and strategy
  • Special gatherings for leadership council members

PathNorth Membership Contribution
Tax Deductible Contribution: $5,000/year *


*All commitments are held for a two-year commitment

Questions? Please contact 202.467.2079

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