Summary of Events
June 11-12, 2007
Washington, DC

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Ann Holladay, George Albright,
Doug Hollady, Rose Cohen
Bob Brown, Kay Coles James,
Andy Kistler
Participants during
opening sessions

It is difficult to explain what actually transpires when people connect on the levels that we experienced during the semi-annual PathNorth gathering in DC on June 11-12. As was repeated frequently, we all need companions on life's challenging and difficult journey. Unfortunately, the unforeseen consequence of immense success can be isolation, from what makes life truly rich. Important relationships provide perspective, encouragement and accountability...and most of all, hope. Most of what is deeply important in life is difficult to explain but can be experienced. To connect and feel understood is important and creates ripples and benefits throughout our webs of important relationships: family, business associations and other important networks. All of this contributes to defining success more broadly.

We all were given a gift over these days. Leaders of immense accomplishment trusted us enough to share their unique stories, the highs and the lows. It was all real, authentic and profoundly moving.

J.C. Watts

On Monday, founder and chairman of J.C. Watts Companies and former U.S. Congressman, J.C. Watts addressed “ISOLATION AT THE TOP IN POLITICS AND BUSINESS.” He shared about the struggles he experienced in his personal life dealing with his family while achieving success in business and politics.

Joe Gregory

Joe Gregory, President and CEO of Gregory Management Co. LLC, and former Vice-Chairman of King Pharmaceuticals Inc., then shared about his journey towards “BUILDING A GREAT COMPANY.” He spoke about cultivating value in companies and stressed the importance of investing in society. He shared his perspective on relationships within his company, valuing the employees as much as the shareholders. Mr. Gregory ended with a quote by Thoreau that has carried him along, ‘Don’t just be good, and be good for something.’

Steve Case

After a cocktail reception at JP Morgan Private Bank, dinner was served at the US Chamber of Commerce. Opening remarks by PathNorth members Mike Kane and Rick Scott lead into the keynote delivery by former Chairman and CEO of AOL Time Warner, and Chairman and CEO of Revolution LLC, Steve Case. He shared during dinner on ‘KEEPING PERSPECTIVE THROUGH THE UPS AND DOWNS.’ Mr. Case shared his perspective on starting America Online. He spoke of the perseverance, passion and people that kept him going. He spoke about viewing his work as a mission, never as a business. He shared about the ups and down that he experienced with AOL, as well as in his personal life. Mr. Case highlighted the importance in trying to do what you love doing, taking a holistic approach to every life endeavor and being willing to learn patience. A candid after dinner discussion followed with Mr. Case taking questions from the group. He addressed topics such as, “If you could do the AOL merger over again, what would you do differently? “What are you currently doing with healthcare?” “How did your faith help you deal with criticism during the AOL/Time Warner decline?” among many others.

Dr. Tim Johnson

Monday morning over breakfast at the Metropolitan Club, Dr. Tim Johnson shared “SEVEN THINGS LEADERS MUST KNOW ABOUT THEIR HEALTH.” Dr. Johnson, Medical Editor for ABC news, focused on four main disease categories that most people are affected by today. These categories were Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer and Stress. A brief summary, symptoms, and prevention of each were discussed.

Panel with Jack Kemp,
Frank Raines and Dan Coates

The first panel discussion was moderated by former U.S. Senator from Indiana and former ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Dan Coats, on ‘WHY POLITICS STILL MATTER.” Jack Kemp, former U.S. Congressman from New York and Founder and Chairman of Kemp Partners, joined the former Chairman and CEO of Fannie Mae and Vice-President of Revolution Health Group, Frank Raines. Just a few of the topics discussed include: the definition of politics and its many faces, how to responsibly address political issues, the power of the press in politics and even prevalent healthcare issues. Bill Haslam, former businessman and Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, responded to the panel by commenting on his reasons for taking office and the role each of us play in the bigger story around us.

Bill Haslam
Panel with Jerry Lewis,
Vince Wolfington, and Roger Dow

Session two “THE EVENTFUL JOURNEY OF BUSINESS OWNERSHIP,” featured former Chairman and CEO of Petro-Lewis Corporation and President of Downing Partners, Inc., Jerry Lewis. Vince Wolfington, Chairman Emeritus of Carey International, Inc. and Chairman of Global Alliance Advisors, LLC, was also on the panel. Roger Dow, President and CEO of Travel Industry Association of America, moderated as this panel discussed issues dealing with differing processes that are involved in owning a large business. This panel discussion was packed with personal experience, insight, and perspective.

The closing Luncheon at the Metropolitan Club began with a few remarks by Dirk Junge about “LEAVING A LEGACY.” Dirk shared about some of his experiences in the Pitcairn family and the ups and downs that are involved in family companies. Former FBI and CIA Director, Bill Webster gave a wonderful introduction to the luncheon speaker, John Whitehead. Mr. Whitehead shared unique wisdom from his “LIFETIME OF LEADERSHIP.” The former Goldman Sachs co-Chairman and Deputy Secretary of State spoke about his recent experience as the Chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, as he led the organization charged with rebuilding Lower Manhattan after 9/11. He left participants with unforgettable lessons about the power of listening and the importance of working to reach consensus with colleagues. Mr. Whitehead’s brilliant and inspiring words ended an immensely moving and momentous PathNorth gathering.

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