Summary of Events
January 14-15, 2008
New York, NY

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Bob Brown

On Monday afternoon, Bob Brown, Chairman and CEO of B&C Associates, Inc., opened the gathering sharing for the session entitled “ONE MAN’S JOURNEY.” From a childhood of poverty to a career beyond expectations, each of Bob’s stories was a beautiful reflection on a lesson he learned from his grandmother: we truly gain only through the act of giving. Bob shared on many things such as taking the position of President of the railroad company that his Grandfather worked on as a slave, as well as sharing about his incredible relationship with Nelson Mandela and his family. Through his many occasions of service to others, Bob has built a lasting network of relationships, which he credits as the source of every new opportunity.

Soo Yeon Kim

Following the opening session, introductions and a cocktail reception preceded the ‘LEGEND’S DINNER.” During dinner guests were treated to a special musical performance from Soo Yeon Kim, introduced by her teacher Dean Stephen Clapp of The Julliard School. Soo Yeon is one of the school’s most prized students in the pre-college division, as well as being accredited nationally and internationally for her ‘technical perfection and musical mastery.’

Steve Reinemund

The keynote dinner speaker, Steve Reinemund, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo., addressed the challenges of “LEADING WELL IN TIMES OF GLOBAL CHANGE.” Recently retired from an outstanding career, Steve shared his recollections of life as CEO of PepsiCo. Aside from his own lessons learned, Steve reminded us of several ways that businesses hold a unique position of influence to change society for the better. From public health and wellness to cultural values and diversity, Steve encouraged us to consider how the corporate world can contribute to each of these areas.

Eddy Moratin, Steve Reinemund,
and Fred Harburg

After dinner, Steve returned to the stage for a time of Question and Answer. Direct questions from the audience led into a deeper discussion on the importance of diversity in all facets of a business. Steve also shared about his personal dedication to the health of the general public, and the challenges of balancing the professional and personal.


Dirk Junge, Tim Seneff, Jim Seneff,
Rick Scott, Doug Holladay

Tuesday morning began with a panel discussion moderated by the Honorable J. Douglas Holladay, Founder of PathNorth, entitled “LEAVING A LEGACY.” The panelists included: father and son Tim and Jim Seneff, CNL Financial Group, Dirk Junge, CEO Pitcairn Trust Company, and Rick Scott, Founder and former Chairman and CEO of Columbia/HCA; Chairman and CEO of Richard L. Scott Investments. Dirk began the discussion with the story of the Pitcairn family. From 1831 to the present, the Pitcairn family has thrived through it’s transitions. Dirk credits this largely to their commitment to passing on values with each new generation, rather than simply a name or a product. Tim Seneff followed with a first-hand account of his parents’ deliberate planning for their children. Jim shared on his perspective of being a parent. The Seneff family has put to practice many guidelines that were both uplifting and challenging to the ears of parents passing on a legacy. Lastly, as the father of two daughters, Rick Scott shared about the lessons learned and practiced in his household. After a short break, the panel resumed to take questions from the group and engaged in discussion. These questions ranged from the more practical topics of distributing wealth in an extended family, to more personal reflection of the impact that mistakes in one’s career has on one’s children.

Table Discussions

Dr. Bob Slocum, Alberto Gonzales, Dale Jones, Art Moore

The next panel session moderated by Dale Jones, CEO PlayPumps Int., EVP Leadership Development, Revolution, was entitled, “OVERCOMING LIFE’S TOUGH CHALLENGES.” Dale started by sharing this quote by Helen Keller, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.” Dr. Bob Slocum, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Polatomic Inc., started the panel by sharing about the challenges dealing with his son’s illness. Art Moore, former NFL player and founder of Yes I Can, Inc., shared about his experiences growing up in a poor household, lessons from his Grandmother, playing in the NFL, and surviving a near death poisoning by a teammate. The Honorable Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General to the United States, then shared his story of growing up in Texas and eventually ending up in Washington. He spoke openly about the tough challenges he has currently found himself going through. Each panelist highlighted family and faith as strong forces that helped them through the various trials through which they have gone and now find themselves in. An open discussion with the group evoked questions such as, “How is that you can try to become better, not bitter?” “Most challenges seem to come in chapters and we can move on once they are closed, but what about when adversities come that seem to become permanently placed in our lives?”

Bob Johnson

After the morning’s fascinating table and group discussions concluded, Bob Johnson, Founder and CEO of RLJ Companies, Founder and former Chairman and CEO of BET, shared at the closing luncheon on a “LIFETIME OF LEADERSHIP.” Bob began by sharing his life story of growing up with nine siblings. He shared about founding BET and what he learned from starting this company. Bob highlighted relationships as the most important tools in business and encouraged the African American population to rise up to the top executive positions. He addressed questions from the group that dealt with issues such as the high school drop out problem specifically among African Americans and building partners in the non-profit sector. Bob Johnson’s insightful words were a fitting ending to an extraordinary PathNorth Gathering.

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