Summary of Events
June 9-10, 2008
Washington, DC

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Tim Shriver – Private Leadership Council Luncheon

Tim Shriver

The PathNorth Washington D.C. Gathering stared with Tim Shriver, Chairman of the Special Olympics, Senator Bill Brock, and Senator Harris Wofford, sharing at the Leadership Council Luncheon on Monday June 9th.  Tim shared his perspective on true leadership and what he has learned along his journey.  Tim shared story after story about his role and his family’s involvement with the Special Olympics.  He encouraged the guests gathered to address issues by looking within themselves.  He advised not to look for change, but to be the change needed.  He suggested not living life always trying to get results, but in order to be the result; to be productive and life changing by taking action and by forming meaningful and sometimes challenging relationships.

Os Guinness – “Can We Really Change the World?”

Bob Brown

The first formal session of the Gathering featured Os Guinness, prominent sociologist and author.  Os laid the frame work to address the gathering’s theme “Can you Really Change the World?”  He took a philosophical look at time and our relation to it and how it affects the way we live our lives; how it affects the way we communicate, develop and the ways in which we can become change agents in the world today.  Os highlighted the need to be fully present and fully human, not letting our lives become technology driven and become satisfied with meager means of communication.  He called the participants to stop and think through the speed of things such as ‘fast food dinners’ and how and why we expect and perform at certain speeds.  He also encouraged those gathered to take the necessary time outs in life in order to stop, refocus and truly have time to reflect on how and why we seek to make change in our world.

Rear Admiral Marty Evans

Rear Admiral Marty Evans – “A Unique Journey in Leadership”

Os was followed by Rear Admiral Marty J. Evans, retired U.S. Navy.  Marty shared about her life and the many different roles of leadership she has found herself in.  She talked through her journey starting in the Navy to the CEO of the American Red Cross, and now working with the Alliance for Global Good.  She recalled stories from her position as a 2 star general as well as serving at the Red Cross and handling the tsunamis of 2004 and the hurricanes in the U.S. in 2005.  She closed by reflecting on what is important to her now: her work with Alliance for Global Good, her family, and her relationships.

Os and Marty had a Q & A time that addressed questions such as: “What is a proper and healthy rhythm to have in one’s life, in order to be a true change agent and leader?”  “Was it challenging at the American Red Cross?  How do you feel you were really able to change the world through your work there?”

After drinks in the garden and entertainment by the renowned Jazz Ensemble: Renewal, the guests at the Gathering were ushered into the grand tent where the Legend’s Dinner began.  PathNorth member, Joe Gregory, CEO of Gregory Management Co.,  was the emcee for the evening and after hearing from members, Dirk Junge, CEO of Pitcairn, and Tom Eckert, CEO of Capital Automotives, about their recent experience on an aircraft carrier for the first ever PN Experience, John Tompkins, CEO of News Media Corp., introduced the keynote speaker: Ted Leonsis.

      Karen Bishop- Renewal
Jazz Ensemble

Ted Leonsis – “One Man’s Path Towards Making a Difference”

Ted Leonsis

Ted Leonsis, Vice-Chairman Emeritus of AOL, started sharing his life story and recounted what it was like growing up as the only child of Greek immigrants.  He worked hard in school and went to Georgetown University at age 16 and had sold his first company at age 24.  Ted survived a near death plane accident in his mid-twenties and since then has lived his life with great meaning and purpose.  He challenged the guests to make a ‘list’ of things to accomplish in one’s lifetime.  Ted shared story after story about his personal life goals that are found on his own ‘to-do list.’  The greatest lessons Ted has learned along the way, stem from much thought and research into what it takes to live a full and happy life. He shared on the importance of the following five points: 1) Active participation in multiple communities of interest. 2) Having many outlets of self-expression. 3) Exercising and learning to practice high levels of empathy and gratitude. 4) Getting rid of the “I” in situations and embracing the “we”. 5) Pursuing a higher calling.

Dinner table discussion Dinner table discussion


The Legend’s Dinner ended with a short Q & A between Ted and the group, along with Joe Gregory, Eddy Moratin, and Doug Holladay.


Bill Pollard

Bill Pollard – “Business and Profits: Avenues of Change in the World”

Tuesday morning’s session kicked off with PathNorth board member, Honorable John Dalton, former Secretary of the Navy, introducing Bill Pollard.  Bill Pollard, former Chairman of ServiceMasters, Inc., talked through the idea of profit and considered it from all angles.  He addressed issues such as, “Is profit a virtue or a vice?”  Bill stressed that at ServiceMasters, his main investment venture was to invest in the lives of his employees.  Bill shared how the profit of investment in a relationship always shows the greatest return. 

  Breakfast table Discussion  

Rome Hartman, Duncan Goose, Tim Shriver, Bill Milliken

Panel: “Initiatives that have
transformed our time”

The panel session consisted of Duncan Goose, founder of OneWater and President of Global Ethics Limited in London, England; Timothy Shriver, CEO of Special Olympics, and Bill Milliken, Founder and Vice-Chairman of Communities in Schools.  Each panelist spoke briefly on the work that their personal initiatives are involved with and then the panel was opened to group discussion.  Many issues were addressed including, “How are your ideas moved from your mind into implementation?” And “What are your views on the ever-changing nature of philanthropy?  Is there a good middle ground between giving and doing?”  After the formal panel session ended, the participants broke into smaller groups and had discussions with the panelists in break-out sessions throughout the home.

Panel Break Out Session Break Out Session

Dr. Francis Collins – “Hope for Incurable Diseases?”

Dr. Francis Collins

Over the closing lunch, Dr. Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, began sharing about his background and how he came to be the director of the Human Genome Research Institute.  Dr. Collins shared about his family, his journey into medicine and his eventual path to faith.  He shared his discovery of the Human Genome and how this discovery is leading to intense research that might help cure diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and others.  Dr. Collins closed by sharing a story about a past medical mission trip he took to Africa.  During the course of the trip, he became overwhelmed and felt as though his work was unimportant and all in vain.  Yet, there was one man who changed his perspective.  After basically saving this young man’s life, the African told Dr. Collins that he knew in his heart that the only reason he was sent to work in Africa was to save his life.  Francis reminded the participants that the only way to truly change the world is to slow down and allow oneself the ability to touch one person’s life.  Changing one life at a time is more than enough.

The PathNorth Gathering officially ended around 2:00pm.  The guests were invited to an Optional Dinner at the Cosmos Club with Former Attorney General Ed Meese, Christine Dolan, and John Clark.  The topic of discussion was: “Internet Child Trafficking, a Creative Look at the Global Taskforce.”  The panelist presented the historical evolution of internet trafficking, its current statistics, and offered a practical solution proven to be a success model by which children online worldwide are protected by the first- ever international operational law enforcement taskforce. The Virtual Global Task Force – – was discussed and dialogue was had between all gathered on how to implement this amazing taskforce fully in the U.S.

Dr. Francis Collins  


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