J. Douglas Holladay J. Douglas Holladay

Founder of PATHNORTH

J. Douglas Holladay is general partner and cofounder of Park Avenue Equity Partners, with offices in New York and Washington. Previously, he was a senior officer with the international investment banking firm Goldman, Sachs & Company and held senior positions in the White House and State Department.

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Rodney Gibson Rodney Gibson

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Rodney has a passion for helping to bring great ideas to market, and walking along side people and organizations to help them fulfill their potential. He is excited to serve PathNorth and its members as they seek to broaden their perspectives and dream bigger dreams.

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Kathryn Goetz Kathryn Goetz

Chief Administrative Officer

Kathryn Goetz serves as PathNorth’s Chief of Staff and has been with PathNorth since 2007. In addition to working with PathNorth, she is also the Chief of Staff of the Buxton Initiative, a non-profit organization that gathers people of different faiths and worldviews together in a trusted, safe place so that authentic relationships, dialogue and understanding can grow.

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Krista Strahan Krista Strahan

Member and Events Coordinator

Krista Strahan is a new part of the PathNorth team and is most excited about joining a company that holds such a strong belief in revitalizing the union between the corporate environment and the greater community.  With a background in hospitality management, she feels that hospitality is not only a professional field but a way of life and thus feels very connected to PathNorth, which looks to be of service to business leaders by creating experiences that create change.

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Eddy Moratin Eddy Moratin

Senior Fellow

For over 10 years, Eddy has inspired and equipped leaders to apply timeless principles of success to life and business. He has worked with small startups, mid-market enterprises and Fortune 500 corporations.

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Mark Percy Mark Percy

Senior Fellow

Mark grew up in a family devoted to public and community service, and for over two decades has integrated a distinguished business career with leadership in the non-profit sector.

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Fred Harburg Fred Harburg

Senior Fellow

A lifelong thirst for the exploration of intellectual, spiritual, and physical discoveries gives Fred a strong passion for the purpose of PathNorth. He possesses a rich history as a consultant, writer, and speaker in the disciplines of leadership, strategy, and performance coaching.

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Mary Catherine Caldwell Mary Catherine Caldwell Stevens

Special Projects Coordinator

Mary Catherine Caldwell Stevens serves as the special projects coordinator at PATHNORTH. She joined PATHNORTH as the Director of Event Planning and Member Services when it was still in the start up phase, and has greatly enjoyed being part of its growth.  She currently lives in Oxford, England and has taken a more virtual role serving as a liaison for PathNorth’s European experiences, as well as continuing to contribute to all PATHNORTH’s media and design.

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PathNorth & H.E. Butt Foundation Partnership

PathNorth has established a strategic partnership with the H.E.Butt Foundation of Kerrville, Texas. Founded in 1933 by the family of the successful Texas-supermarket chain, H.E.B. Grocery Company, the H.E. Butt Foundation strives to support and create communities in which professionals and civic leaders can integrate moral leadership and ethics into their careers. Integral to the Foundation’s mission are conferences held at Laity Lodge, a retreat center located northwest of San Antonio, Texas that welcomes more than 2,400 people annually.

Given our mission to bring meaning and fresh perspective to both work and life, PathNorth is encouraged by the efforts of the Laity Lodge Leadership Forum to support leaders from business and the professions of government and media who also want to connect faith to daily life and work. Their biannual Leadership Forums explore the topics of management and behavioral science through dialogue on the practical, ethical, and purposeful dimensions of interpersonal and organizational dynamics, leadership, and wealth creation. For some PathNorth members, participation in these Leadership Forum events will prove an inspiring way to grow deeper in their spiritual lives.

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