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Contact Information Distribution

PathNorth does not distribute the contact information of members or guests.  This is a general policy and does not suggest that those seeking such information have questionable motives whatsoever.  PathNorth merely adheres to this policy to reinforce its goal of creating a ‘safe space’ for those involved.  

No Solicitation

In the interest of upholding PathNorth’s mission to create a ‘safe space’, PathNorth does not permit solicitation of members or guests at any PathNorth sponsored event. PathNorth encourages leaders to be transparent and to share challenges and personal stories candidly.  Therefore, business transactions are suspended during PathNorth events.


Who are PathNorth Members?

PathNorth Members:

  • Are business owners, CEOs of and investors in both middle-market and public companies (250 million-2 billion annual revenue).
  • Desire to live more integrated lives and to experience greater effectiveness in business and personal endeavors.
  • Enjoy exploring with peers how to broaden their definition of success.
  • Recognize that sustained connection to powerful ideas, extraordinary people, and authentically inspiring stories contribute to shaping better and deeper leaders, companies, and communities. 

How do I become a PathNorth Member?

Prospective members may either fill out the online Membership Interest Form or send a biography to PathNorth at The PathNorth Membership Committee reviews submissions for membership and will reply within two weeks of receiving a request.

How can I recommend someone for PathNorth membership?

Please send a biography of the person to Submissions will be reviewed by the PathNorth Membership Committee.

Honorary Membership

What is a PathNorth Honorary Member?

PathNorth Honorary Members are accomplished and inspiring leaders in fields other than business. For example, they are extraordinary scientists, musicians, athletes, government leaders, scholars, and those from the non-profit sector. Having these leaders at the table as members of PathNorth encourages unique and diverse conversations that cause business leaders to view commerce from a different vantage point.  Their remarkable knowledge and perspective enriches the quality of the PathNorth Experience.

How can I recommend someone for PathNorth Honorary Membership?

Please send a biography of the person to Submissions will be reviewed by the PathNorth Membership Committee.


Questions? Please contact 202.467.2079

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