The PathNorth family has hand-selected various articles because of their unique perspective and challenge to traditional thinking. We anticipate that the authors’ keen insights and perceptive observations combined with the leadership experience from which many write may cause you to ask different questions about your own situation. We hope that these articles will provoke you to think and act differently. Lastly, feel free to send us any inspiring articles that you would like to share with this collection.

Michelle Hiskey. “Life’s Hardest Round.” 21 Oct 2007 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

An article to launch thinking and discussion about what it is we pass on to our children and the meaning of performance based value.

Timothy Shriver. “Spiritual Hunger Among the Well-Fed at Davos.” 27 Jan 2007. Washington Post: On Faith.

Even the world’s leaders are yearning for more than a profit. Did you know the most well-attended sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos were on “how to reduce stress, how to find purpose and how to make a difference”?

Francois De Visscher. “What to Consider When Selling the Family Business.” Nov/Dec 2007. Capital Eyes.

Advice based in experience for planning a successful transition in the leadership and/or ownership of the family business.

Peggy Noonan. “A Separate Peace.” 27 Oct 2005. Wall Street Journal.

Noonan observes a disturbing trend in American current events: Are we headed straight over a precipice? She challenges today’s leaders to consider their role in shaping tomorrow’s realities. We’re left pondering, do we have a responsibility to tomorrow and have we abdicated our role?

N.R. Narayana Murthy. Pre-Commencement Remarks to the NYU Stern School of Business. 9 May 2007.

Murthy imparts wisdom from his life story on Stern School graduates. He shares the power of role models, reflection, and stewardship in creating real value.

Carmine Gallo. “Bringing Passion to Starbucks.” 9 Jan 2008. BusinessWeek.

Gallo reveals the power of the human factor in motivation and transforms our understanding of incentives and revenue generation.

Steven Wheeler, Walter McFarland, & Art Kleiner. “A Blueprint for Strategic Leadership.” 10 Jan 2008. Strategy+Business.

This team of authors offers an answer to the question: what is good leadership? The article discusses how individual leadership skills make a difference.


Henry S. Givray "When CEOs Aren't Leaders." Businessweek. 3 Sept. 2007.

Givray sums up today's troubled business leadership scene with the quote: "The problem's roots lie in the fact that the terms 'CEO' and 'leader' have mistakenly become synonymous." The author goes on to name responsible parties and clear steps toward addressing our leadership crisis.


Angus Loten "Entrepreneurs Twice as Charitable as Heirs." 1 Nov 2006. New York, New York.

This article is an interesting follow up to our continuing PathNorth discussion about leaving a legacy and raising children in the context of wealth. The author's own hook reads: "Self-made millionaires donate an average of $120,000 more per year than those that inherited their wealth." 


Fred Harburg "Cavuto at 6." 25 June 2008. Fox Business Network. New York, New York.

Fred Harburg, Director of Strategy and External Affairs for PathNorth, recently appeared on the Fox Business News show, 'Cavuto at 6', to discuss the effects of Barack Obama's use of a mock-up of the presidential seal.  Fred is a vital part of PathNorth, creating an interface between PathNorth's offerings and its membership.  Fred is an expert on leadership, strategy and performance coaching and has previously held leadership positions at IBM, GM, Disney, McGraw-Hill, Fidelity Investments and Motorola. Please click the link above to view Fred as a guest on 'Cavuto at 6'.


Michael P. Castine "Michael Deaver: A changed man" 06 Sept 2007.

In his article written in the weeks following Michael K. Deaver’s death, PathNorth member Michael Castine renders an unknown or perhaps forgotten portrayal of the former Deputy Chief of Staff.


Bill Mayer Aspen Ideas Festival. June 30 - July 6, 2008

Bill Mayer, a Founding Member of PathNorth, speaks at the Aspen Institute about the importance of understanding one’s self, what makes people different, and what one has to offer in the form of a unique “gift.”  The gift, Bill explains, may be difficult to define, but once recognized, becomes an important element of the leader within all of us.


Michael Castine "Tips on Navigating a Post-White House Career Path" 14 Jan 2009.

President-elect Barack Obama’s swearing-in as the country’s 44th president on Jan. 20 will spur one of the largest one-day turnovers ever, as Bush-Cheney appointees have been handed their proverbial pink slips with no job waiting.


Tom Hutchison2009 Commencement Ceremony Mishawaka High School”  30 May, 2009.

This speech delivered to the class of 2009 triggers thoughts on the ideas of character, globalization and the role/responsibility of the next generation.


Stephen MansfieldGuinness got it”  09 November, 2009.

This article depicts Honorary member, Os Guinness', legendary family business.   The company's 250 year legacy of God-inspred good provides myriad lessons for today.  Among them: A benevolent corporate vision is good for business, for it's employees and for the world.


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