Washington D.C. - November 17, 2008
Can we be Pro-Tech and Pro-Human?

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Dr. Nigel Cameron, President of the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Research Professor and former Associate Dean at Chicago-Kent College of Law in the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), lead the group in a discussion centered upon:

“Can we be Pro-Tech and Pro-Human?”

The revolution in communications technologies has revealed its double-sided character:

  • emails, texts and IMs help us to communicate far more than we used to;
  • yet these various advances can challenge our very humanity. 
  • We email colleagues instead of walking down the corridor;
  • our teens text and sit at screens when they could be face-to-face with their families and friends;
  • and corporations are instituting email-free periods so their staff can focus better.

These are all technologies that we already take for granted, and certainly make us more efficient. Now the question becomes: What comes next?

Transhumanists say we could soon be living for ever on hard drives.

Luddite critics want to call a halt. Is there a middle way that would allow us to welcome technology? —to "humanize" it—and to enable inventors and investors to shape a future that welcomes us humans?


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